Firewall penetration tracking



Guzshura 2 years ago
My dad wasn't the best dad, but he did always send me a card on my birthday. This is the first year that I won't get one. I know it's just a card, but I looked forward to getting them. :(
Nikolmaran 2 years ago
we should most likely have 1 man shove up cat as we faux mid so he can get into ladder to pick their awper. that being said it is a big risk prize but he can also catch any rotators thru market. Given that we will have to clear A quick so their stairs player doesnt shove into jungle to kill our man snipers.
Najinn 2 years ago
My name is 100% Hispanic with letters not found in the English language and I dont think it's held me back one bit.
Kazragami 2 years ago
Let me nutt in your butt 11 times
Kezuru 2 years ago
RequI crimson thatd be a nice bounty :p

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